Perfume to release a 7 track Polygon Wave 'EP' in September

Perfume to release a 7 track Polygon Wave 'EP' in September  | Random J Pop

In news that I'm sure has surprised every fan, Perfume have announced that they will be releasing an EP this year. But not maybe the EP you were expecting.

This 'EP' is basically a physical release of "Polygon Wave" with a couple of B-sides, and there's every chance Perfume will perform them for their Polygon Wave gig in August. But I have a theory on a couple of these new songs.

Perfume - Polygon Wave EP (CD + Blu-ray & CD + DVD) | Random J Pop
Polygon Wave EP | CD + Blu-ray & CD + DVD

Perfume - Polygon Wave EP (CD) | Random J Pop
Polygon Wave EP | CD

Damn. These covers sho' are ugly.

Whilst Perfume are calling this an EP, it is a Maxi single, just as "Cling Cling" was back in 2014, which also featured 3 songs in addition to the A-side. But the term Maxi Single seems to be phasing out, with Maxi releases now just being referred to as EP's. Which I kinda get. But this really is just a single. I mean, the damn thing has 4 versions of "Polygon Wave".

  1. Polygon Wave (Original Mix)
  2. Polygon Wave (The Masked Singer theme version)
  3. Polygon Wave (Remix)
  4. Polygon Wave (Instrumental)
  5. ∞Loop  
  6. Android&
  7. TBA

Nocchi did mention in an interview that of all the new songs Perfume has recorded, "Polygon Wave" was her favourite - which leaves me a little worried, because Nocchi has taste. As good as "Polygon Wave" is, it could have easily been better. So I'm hoping it really isn't the best song of the four. Unless of course the remix pops all the way off. I'm fully expecting at least 2 of these new songs ("∞Loop" and "Android&") to be like "Story", "Fusion" and "Chrome"; wholly instrumental and primarily produced for a tour. I also wonder if one of these songs was intended to debut and be performed during the Tokyo 2020 2021 Olympics opening ceremony that we now know Perfume was supposed to be a part of.

With "Polygon Wave" now getting a physical release, and The Masked Singer including "Polygon Wave" as its theme song starting to air the same month, it's highly likely that the next big drop from Perfume before the EP release on September 22 will be the "Polygon Wave" music video. And we can look forward to them wearing the same damn dresses.

The "Polygon Wave" EP hits streaming services worldwide and will be available physically in 3 editions from September 22, 2021.

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