Perfume drops a dance practice video for "Polygon Wave" with raggedy K-Pop TV performance camera work

Perfume drops a dance practice video for "Polygon Wave" with raggedy K-Pop TV performance camera work | Random J Pop

I have to hand it to Perfume. They're really been finessing promoting their shit through a pandemic. And on top of that, giving us surprises. Not only did we get a new promo shot of the group giving us grown and sexy, but we also got the Game comeback that we never thought we'd get, Kashiyuka on Music Station in thigh high leather boots, and now we've got a dance practice video for "Polygon Wave" where Perfume aren't wearing those same tired ass dresses.

Give Mikiko all the flowers, because her choreography for this song is doing A LOT of heavy lifting 'round here. I was already about over the song until the first live performance dropped. And now I'm here for any chance to see Perfume perform "Polygon Wave". It feels so different for Perfume, whilst also feeling very Perfume. I don't think a routine has felt this fresh to me since "Spending All My Time", which was another moment of a routine that felt very different for Perfume which was more 'bad bitches' and less 'cute'.

It's a fucking shame that the camera work for this practice video was so horrendous though. Everything started off fine. Then it turned into some Inkigayo and Music Bank bullshit, with awful framing and unnecessary zoom ins. It was really distracting. I wasn't seeing what I wanted to see. The purpose of a dance practise video is to see the routine with a simple camera setup, in ways we don't always get to see it on live TV or in a music video. But the routine is actually easier to see and make sense of in all of the televised performances Perfume have done of "Polygon Wave" thus far. I get that the Rhizomatiks (the team response for that camera foolery) wanted to make Perfume's dance practise video a little different and experimental, but this was a no from me dawg.

Perfume wearing Perfume Closet during their "Polygon Wave" practice video | Random J Pop
Perfume wearing Perfume Closet | Image: prfm_official @ Instagram

We also need to talk about Perfume's look. Perfume's style is FINALLY switching up y'all. a-chan in trousers. Kashiyuka in a bodysuit. The whole group in sneakers. This is the way.

I get why Perfume's wardrobe team started having Perfume wear their nasty performance outfits. It was distinct and the designs of their outfits alone became something the group was known for; to such a point that they released a whole damn book about them. But some of the designs were getting too ridiculous. It's like Perfume's outfit design team sit and joke on how ugly they can make the outfits. Perfume are GROWN and have their own styles. Their stage outfits should start reflecting this. Also, the same silhouettes? The same dead pumps? It's tired. Which is why the look in this practice video was so refreshing to see, even though it was basically an ad for Perfume Closet. Yes bitch. Perfume are BUSINESS WOMEN. They said 'Fuck Beyoncé and that cowboy Adidas'.

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