Remix: Perfume - Polygon Wave (P.A.Groove's Blurred Vision Geometric Exploration Mix)

Remix: Perfume - Polygon Wave (P.A.Groove's Blurred Vision Geometric Exploration Mix) | Random J Pop

We'd already gotten "Polygon Vaporwave" and now we get a fanmade remix of Perfume's "Polyrhythm" throwback.

Bless y'all fans for stretching the appeal of "Polygon Wave" song out. Because I was over it pretty quickly, despite liking it. The short life that some of Perfume's songs have (shouts outs to "Time Warp") also reinforces why Perfume's team really need to commission more remixes and push Nakata to rework some of Perfume's material for their tours. But hey. Better late than never, I guess. Because we are getting an official remix of "Polygon Wave".


Get into this smooth ass dance remix of "Polygon Wave", courtesy of P.A.Groove.

I like the vibe of this. I could imagine this playing during a dress change or a transition on tour, whilst a bunch of visuals (cubes and triangle 'n' shit, because obviously) display on the screens.

If only P.A.Groove had a clean or official acapella. Extracting vocals from Nakata productions often ends up with raggedy results, because of how flatly he tends to mix a lot his songs.

Perfume have held dance competitions, and had a competition for a fan to create a concept for one of their music videos. They need to do a remix competition next. It'd keep Nakata on his toes, and hopefully open the group up to being like 'Yo. Maybe we need more remixes...'.

Wanting a bunch of official remixes of Perfume's songs is a dead horse, but I'mma still flog it. If Nakata is able to give Perfume a song that's the long awaited throwback to Game that fans have been asking for FOR YEARS, and Kashiyuka can perform said song in a thigh-high leather boot in 2021, then bitch, anything is possible.

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