Perfume show fans behind the scenes of their dry ass "Polygon Wave" music video

Bless Perfume. They're really try'na push this God forsaken "Polygon Wave" music video

But it's genuinely great to see Perfume start to share content on their YouTube and Instagram accounts which is usually gatekept exclusively for P.T.A. If only Japanese broadcasters would set up official channels for their shows and upload live performances how South Korea do, then we'd really be cooking on gas given how many televised performance Perfume have been doing. But that ain't ever gonna happen.


There's nothing all that extra that you really get to see behind the scenes of the "Polygon Wave" shoot, and we don't get any of the moments of the the KashiUber scene being shot; but I imagine that this is part of the full Behind the Scenes video and that this is exclusive to P.T.A.

I was shocked as all hell to see that the dance setup was shot with a greenscreen backdrop. I just assumed the backdrop was as it was in the video. Shout outs to the VFX team, the lighting team and the grading posse. Because that shit was perfect and seamless. Marvel Studios could never.

Perfume show fans behind the scenes of their dry ass "Polygon Wave" music video | Random J Pop

It really is a shame that the "Polygon Wave" music video turned out so damn bland. I believe a-chan had made mention that there wasn't much time to shoot the music video, almost as though she knows this shit was bad. But let's not front like this video would have been better had there been more time; given that "Polygon Wave" is pretty much the standard for Perfume music videos these days. And many of Perfume's music videos were far better with far less.

Perfume show fans behind the scenes of their dry ass "Polygon Wave" music video | Random J Pop
Behind the Scenes of "Polygon Wave" music video | © 2021 Universal Music Japan / Amuse

The dance setup is so good and is the visual theme which is carrying the whole song, that the whole video shoulda just been the dance setup, with great shots of the lighting, in conjunction with cool editing. The lighting is the one element of the "Polygon Wave" video that I think was genuinely great, and so much could have been done with it.

If Perfume really wanna try and salvage this video and keep promo for "Polygon Wave" going (which they should do given their tour has new dates for 2022), then they should consider releasing a music video for the remix.

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