Perfume perform the original mix of "Polygon Wave" in them same damn dresses

Perfume perform the original mix of "Polygon Wave" in them same damn dresses | Random J Pop

Perfume were on Music Station little over a month ago wearing these same damn dresses. I don't understand why Perfume's outfit designers could not have made the "Polygon Wave" dresses in other colours or style variantions. I'm all for consistency, but DAMN. Even the "Cling Cling", "Tokyo Girl" and "Time Warp" outfits came in different colours with slight style differences between them for some variety.


Perfume performed a TV edit version of the Original Mix of "Polygon Wave". I didn't think we'd see the choreo for this until December when their Live 2021 [Polygon Wave] show hits Amazon Prime, so this was a pleasant surprise.

Kashiyuka and Nocchi didn't even bother lip syncing during the Original Mix switch. a-chan probabaly told them to keep their mouths shut.

The new choreography was cool, but this performance as a whole felt lacking. The Original Mix of "Polygon Wave" was probabaly made with a full scale performance in mind, so when you edit it down and you strip out all of the production of a Perfume live show, it feels a little empty. But the choreo for the new section of the song was cool. The energy of it was different to the rest of the song, but it works because the energy of the music in the switch is different. And even so, it's still easy to follow as per the rest of the routine. It'd be cool to see Perfume do a TikTok challenge for the Original Mix choreo and to  actually promote it. Their last "Polygon Wve" TikTok challenge was a flop, which was unfortunate, because it's such a TikTok-able routine which could have caught on, had they bothered to properly promote it.

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