Perfume release the lyric video for their titty song, “Hate na Bito”

A screenshot from Perfume’s lyric video for “Hate na Bito”.

A fax went out back in September that Perfume’s Plasma album cut “Hate na Bito” would be used in bra commercials. Which was a surprise (that the song got picked up, not that it was for some bras), given that it’s not wildly common for album cuts to publicly become tie-ins so soon after an album release. When this news broke I thought that MAYBE we might get a music video for the song. But all we got was a lyric video.

I still hold out hope that Perfume will choose to shoot a video for this. They really should have featured in the commercial, and probably would have, were it not for a-chan. We know how she feels about showing any of her body. Kashiyuka and Nocchi running with their arms outstretched on a clear summer day in a bra wouldn’t have been a damn thing to them. Kashiyuka lives for a midriff moment at any opportunity she can get.

“Hatitty na Bitty” really would make a good single for now. It’s a cute song for the holidays. Perfume performed it as part of their Plasma tour, so there is a routine for it they could easily perform on TV shows. Sure, “Hate na Bito” sounds a bit like a Kyary song, and a cross between a Future Pop leftover and an album cut from JPN. But pushing it as a promotional single is such an easy way to get some extra sales out of Plasma.

Perfume’s team should definitely be looking at ways to squeeze extra sales out of Plasma, because those initial sales drove in di rain and off a cliff. Even the tour did nothing to help keep the album steady in the charts.

Plasma being Perfume’s lowest selling album to date is not a surprise. It’s a very common trend. And album sales are just down across the board. But even so, Perfume are in a position where they can still debut in the top 10, which is remarkable. And Plasma is an album which still has some steam in it, if Perfume’s team can be asked to do anything with it.

The song that would REALLY do something as a digital single and also put Perfume onto newer audiences is “Drive n the Rain”. But I know there ain’t a damn thing happening with that.

A lot of what Perfume has been doing over the past couple of years has been pretty unorthodox and to different timelines than usual. So, who knows. A music video for another Plasma song isn’t completely out of the realm of possibility.

As for when fans can watch Perfume’s Plasma tour, in true Perfume tradition it will air on WOWOW sometime in January 2023.

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