Brandy's mess performance

I thought Brandy had put her wreckage days behind her. Obviously not with a performance like this. I love Brandy, but I can't defend or justify that on stage shambles. There was a technical hiccup which explains why she wasn't singing in time with the music, but that doesn't excuse her iffy vocals, hitting of band notes and her horrendous weave. Ray J jumping and down the stage certainly wasn't making the performance any better neither.


  1. First of all, what the hell is Ray J doing?! This is not a song where you yell "SAY HO!" And doing all that business with the record isn't necessary. Can't think of what that's called right now, lol.

    Brandy did sound very shaky and out of breath. I've never actually seen her sing live too much, is she not very good live?

  2. Junlee,

    I was saying the same thing: WHAT THE FUCK IS R-JAY DOING ON STAGE???
    I HATE that dude (for real) I never liked him (I dont know why, just like that)
    And yes,teh perofrmance was a MESS!
    I've seen couples of brandy's lives: she's all right! But the TRL performance that she did Yesterday was WAAAAYYY BETTER then that! Go check it on youtube ,or wait till J post it ;-)
    You'll be happy,coz she did a really great job!



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