Esmée Denters album info

Esmée's debut album coverThis here to your left is Esmée Denters' debut album cover. Boring, I know. But Esmée does look nice. It takes a lot of an album cover to suck after Britney and Ciara setting the doo-doo album cover bar so low with their Blackout and Fantasy ride album covers.

Esmée's album is slated for a May 22 release date, which seems a bit soon to me given her single isn't doing majorly well and there's still no video. Push backs are the new thing these days, so expect one for Esmee. Names tied to the album include Ryan Teddar (OneRepublic front-man and the mastermind behind Leona Lewis' "Bleeding love"), Toby Gad (the producer of the Beyondroid's "If I were a boy" and Brandy's "Human"), Billy Mann (The co-writer and producer of P!nk's "Stupid girls"), Evan Bogart (who wrote Brandy's "Departed" and The Forehead's "S.O.S") and of course Polow Da Don and Justin Timberlake.

Esmée's album should be pretty hot. It's pretty clear which direction Justin's hoping to take her music with a roster consisting of the names above. I'll be looking out for her album, as I think I'll be pleasantly surprised. At least I hope I'll be.

I stay liking "Outta here". It's divided many, but I really do like the song. I would've loved to have heard the Beyondroid or Brandy do it though. Brandy would've given the song feeling and the Beyondroid would've over-sung and growled the hell out of it to keep things interesting, and then insisted she be credited as a producer of the song because you can hear her weave brushing the microphone during the beat switch.


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