Music video: Beni featuring Tynisha Keli - The boy is mine

Some songs should just be left alone. And this is one of them. The only 2 chicks I want to hear re-do this shit are the chicks who did it originally. Monica and Brandy (albeit a vocally undeveloped Brandy) both came with too much neck snappin' sass, texture and tone on the original version for 2 miscellaneous chicks to come along and cover it. Tynisha actually sounded quite nice. Like a chipmunk on helium, but nice and in key. You can clearly hear Tynisha can sing, which is more than what can be said for Beni: who sounded like fart. Beni is good friends with Crystal Kay. Maybe she should ask her for singing lessons. Speaking of Crystal, she would sound nice on "The boy is mine". Holy crap, could you imagine!? Monica featuring Crystal Kay or Brandy featuring Crystal Kay...


  1. Glad to see my girl Tynisha doing her thing! She was looking especially fine, but maybe that's just me.

    They had this track sounding like L.O.S. Da Maestro had produced it, what with using his trademark sound and everything. It's just too bad they copied it to the letter. It would have been more innovative if they had done something else. It's not that hard to write a song, or have one written for you if you're an artist. Ne-Yo sh**s out two or more songs on the daily, and more than half of them never get picked up.

  2. Now that was boring. What's with the guy he was like a bump on a log. No emotion or animation what so ever. Just my thoughts.


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