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MiChi - Therapy [Regular edition] Album arts + Tracklisting

My bitch is releasing her second studio album this year! It's about f**king time. Although I wonder what the point is when we've heard nearly every song on it and the certified A+ tracks she released over a year ago aren't on it in place of her recent flops. I'm eyeballing this tracklist and seriously wondering which songs I haven't heard. A-sides and B-sides all up in this tracklist. Not a damn thing new. Loving the covers though. The regular edition is doing it for me big time. I often find regular edition covers of albums to be superior to the specials and limited editions. I guess it's the trade off for not receiving additional discs of everything.

  1. Madness vol.3
  2. Tokyo night
  3. Love is
  4. Together again
  5. Yeah yeah yeah!!!
  6. Special someone
  7. Wonder woman
  8. Light up
  9. Take it easy
  10. もっと。
  11. Find your way
  12. Therapy
  13. One

  1. Tokyo night (Music video)
  2. Find your way (Music video)
  3. One (Music video)
  4. Love is (Music video)
  5. Wonder woman (Music video)
  6. Together again (Music video)

Remix CD
  1. Fxxxk you and your money (Ed Banger all stars remix - remixed by Busy P & DSL at the DSL lab, Paris)
  2. Promise (Smart sports version)
  3. Hey girl (XB remix)
  4. Change the world (Remix)
  5. You (version 3.1)
  6. Wonder woman (T.O.M remix)
  7. Yeah yeah yeah!!! (Remix)

I love MiChi. Her style, her diversity and her debut album which was f**king amazing. But I can't say I'm amped for this new album. MiChi fell off with "Find your way". That shit cut me so deep I refused to post the video. And then she drops this "Tokyo nights" bullshit. Yet again, I couldn't bring myself to post that video.

I will cop this album, because I support my bitches like a pimp with a heart. MiChi's album would get swallowed up no matter when it would drop, because Sony's marketing budget for their artists couldn't even buy vending machine BOSS coffee for six. But dropping this in the same week as Ayu's Party queen is just sales suicide.

I am thoroughly pissed that "All about the girls ~Iijanka party people~" and the "Wonder woman" B-side "Strong man" are not on this album. Those two songs were PERFECTION! And what about "Dance dance!"?

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  1. The cover art looks nice, I'm not sure about the contents of the Album though. I've already set low expectations for the quality of the music, so I'm not disappointed once I listen to it.


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