Hikaru Utada gives us a taste of "Pink Blood"

Hikaru Utada gives us a taste of "Pink Blood" | Random J Pop

"One Last Kiss" has been out 5 minutes and yet...


Little over a week ago we got an announcement that Vaccinetada would be giving us a song titled "Pink Blood", which would feature as the theme song for the anime adaptation of Yoshitoki Ōima's To Your Eternity. Now a trailer of the upcoming series has been released online and it features a snippet of the song, which sounds like it's cut from the same cloth as "One Last Kiss".

I'm not sure what I think of this just yet. Rarely do snippets of Hikaru Utada's songs get me excited because they give so little and aren't always an indication of what the full song will be - so I try really hard not to have any form of opinion based on them.

I remember not thinking too fondly of "Chikai" / "Don't Think Twice" when the Kingdom Hearts III theme song trailers dropped. Then I heard them in full, which contextualised the odd rhythm, and we got a really great build. Then Kingdom Hearts III finally released and featured an orchestrated version of "Chikai" / "Don't Think Twice" in the opening credits which made me like the song even more.

"One Last Kiss"? Same shit. The snippet sounded cute, but I wasn't in love with it. Then the full thing dropped and my cheeks have been shaking non-stop to it ever since.

Between this snippet of "Pink Blood", "One Last Kiss", "Dare ni mo Iwanai", "Time" and even "Face My Fears", there's a definite vibe or space that Hikaru seems to be in musically, which could give an indication of what her next album will sound like. I can't remember the last time I heard her release a string of songs where I could envision them sitting together on an album. Of course, things could change. Song smay get left off and we may end up with 4 unheard songs which are completely trend bucks. But as of now. I like this more subdue, laid-back tip with a bounce that Hikaru's on.

I wonder if the strings in the trailer are part of "Pink Blood". It's been a minute since I heard some orchestrated strings on a Hikaru joint.

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