Music video: Perfume star in a 3 minute Internet shopping commercial for "Future pop"

Music video: Perfume star in a 3 minute Internet shopping commercial for "Future pop" | Random J Pop

When Perfume dropped the teaser for their "Future pop" music video, I wasn't sure what to think. On one hand I liked that the video had some cool looking visuals, but on the other, I was really confused that the visuals had NO correlation to the album cover concept. But I thought to myself 'D'you what? Just wait until the full thing drops'. Then it did and I was like 'This is a 3 minute Internet shopping commercial'.

Some concepts should just be left as short ass TV commercials and this is one of them. The full music video did not give us anything more above and beyond what we saw in the short version and this is honestly how I have felt about all of Perfume's music videos and songs since "Cling cling". "Let me know" was probably the only music video where we got something a bit different past the point where the short version cut off, but it was still underwhelming, and that's exactly how I felt after I watched Future pop. 'Is that it!? Ya'll made us wait FOR THIS?!'

And then there's the concept. I was surprised to see that Perfume were not wearing those baking paper, frosted garbage bag Future pop dresses in the video and there was no recreation of that spider web foolishness in the video either. The performance of the song that was live stream in August was better than this extended Internet shopping commercial. At least it showed the whole routine and was visually consistent with the album cover concept.

In short? Dis a mess. And the fusion of live action and anime inspired animation looked much better in "Mirai no museum". There was something mid-key ragged about how it looked here.

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