FAKY and their one take, Zara lookbook looking-ass video "Sayonara My Ex"

FAKY and their one take, Zara lookbook looking-ass video "Sayonara My Ex" | Random J Pop

Things for for FAKY have been kinda shaky.

I did not intend for that to rhyme, but I'll take it.

OH. I'll take that one too.

But over the past couple of years, I feel that FAKY are as close to having some form of identity than they've ever been before, even if the songs aren't always great. But "Sayonara My EX" is two steps forward after the two steps back which were "The Light" and "Take My Hand" after all of the good that "Little More" did.

Okay FAKY. I see y'all are still on this trying train.

One thing you can always guarantee if nothing else with a FAKY video, is that the group will look great. So this is no exception. And the music video itself was also a great feat due to it being (seemingly) one take. BUT. Despite the concept of the video being really cool, nothing about it really popped. Every aspect of it is a case of 'Ooof...so close'.

The styling.

I like the whole high fashion, but still regular chick vibe. But Lil' Fang and Hina struck that perfect middle ground of having looks which felt a but more elevated and like they were GOING somewhere to do THINGS. Where-as Taki, Akina and Mikako looked like the only place they was going was to the Family Mart.

The choreography.

Cute. But there were no 'wow' moments with it. It also felt a little sloppy in places. The group walking for a whole section of the song and not walking on beat bothered me. And whilst the setting of the video and the location was nice, something about the way the video was shot didn't make the group nor the location stand out, partly because the whole video is so washed out. There's no real sense of cinematographic flair.

FAKY and their one take, Zara lookbook looking-ass video "Sayonara My Ex" | Random J Pop
FAKY - Sayonara My Ex | © 2021 Avex Music Creative

All of the ingredients were here for a really good video, but it didn't quite come together to be as special as it could have been. But to compare FAKY's effort here to a group who usually releases music videos with visual flair, good cinematography, sharp choreo and walks which are on beat - the video for "Sayonara My Ex" was better than "Polygon Wave".

The song is the same deal. There's something good at its core, but the end result is such a whimper of a song. It needed more bounce, more energy and stronger verses. I could really go for a T.O.M remix of "Sayonara My Ex". I know he'd give this song just what it needs.

And there's still no album. If the Navy are pressed over Rihanna and her imaginary 9th studio album,  imagine how FAKY fans feel. A whole group 8 years deep, 4 years with the current line-up, and still no album?! 

The only website which gets updated less than this one, is FAKY's. At time of posting, the official FAKY website has a post at the top of it from June, promoting their previous single, with a photo that crops out an entire member.

Avex are not caring for this group the way they should. There's a whole ass gap in the Japanese market for a girl group like FAKY to fuck it up and blow up, and yet Avex are just doing whatever it is they're doing.

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