Random J Mix: Kylie Minogue - Hold On to Now (Random J Extended Mix)

A post header image, featuring the interface of audio editing software, and an image of the cover artwork for my Extended Mix of Kylie Minogue’s “Hold On to Now”.

Kylie Minogue released her sixteenth studio album Tension. But as was the case with the lead single “Padam Padam”, a couple of the songs on it are far to brief. One of which is the album standout “Hold On to Now”. Which despite being a euphoric club jam, wraps itself up all to quickly in just 3 minutes. So I went and made an extended mix of it for fans to revel in the euphoria that they can hold on to a little longer, just like the song say.

“Hold On to Now” doesn’t feel as horrendously cut short as “Padam Padam” (which I also created an Extended Mix for, before Kylie released an official version) but it still feels too short for the type of song that it is. But given that Disco got an Extended Mixes re-release, I wouldn’t put it past Kylie to do the same with Tension. Especially with “Padam Padam” and “Tension” both getting extended mixes. Although they both sound so badly cobbled together. They’re just made longer for the sake of making them longer, with no real consideration of the song structures. And unfortunately, this was the same case for most of the songs on the extended mixes version of Disco. So few of the extended mixes on that album felt well put together. “Magic” and “Say Something” were the only ones which felt like instances which bettered the originals and felt like cases where they were the original versions of the songs, which got cut down for the album. And in the case of “Say Something” this was kinda the case, as one of the writers and producers of the song said that the arrangement of the Extended Mix was closer to original demo version of the song.

So, Kylie. Gurl. If you come across this and you want some extended mixes, just send me the stems and let me make it work.