Perfume perform “Spinning World” on NTV Best Artist. And yes. The outfits are nasty.

Perfume [Left to Right: a-chan, Nocchi, Kashiyuka] stand in position wearing a purple variation of the dresses they wear on the cover of their album, Plasma.

“Spinning World” is a Perfume classic. I don’t give a fuck. It is hands down the song off of Plasma I play the most. But generally, it is just a great song, with a sound that not only feels right for Perfume at this point in their career, but also sounds the best of Game, Triangle and LEVEL3 jammed into one song. It sounds something that a lot of Perfume’s songs haven’t sounded for a while. It sounds cool.

And then there is the dance routine, which I still adore. We should have gotten more of it in the music video. But at least we got that great performance of the full song on NHK Songs, and we can look forward to seeing it as part of a tour production when Perfume’s Plasma tour airs in January.

But thankfully, Perfume ain’t done giving televised performances of the song. I’m just glad we didn’t get another performance of “Flash”.

Did a-chan fuck up the lyrics at the start? Her mouth seemed to say ‘Spinning world’ when it shoulda been ‘Spinning girl’; but maybe it’s just how she fixes her mouth to say the word ‘girl’.
Shout-outs to Perfume’s outfit team, who always have those patterns ready to give us one outfit in different colour ways; often not realising that not every outfit looks good in other colours, and that some outfits don’t look as good on TV as they do in the more controlled environments of music videos and photoshoots. You'd think they’re team would have clocked this by now.

The Plasma dresses look fine in the “Spinning World” music video and on the album cover, but looked really cheap on TV. And the outfits look even cheaper in purple. But shout-outs to the creative team for having the colours on the display visuals match the colour of the outfits. And for giving a cool nod to the Plasma album cover with the use of lasers.

Ugly dresses are weapons which will not prosper against “Spinning World”.

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