Listen to a bit of Perfume’s song for NHK’s Minna no Uta, “Sayonara Plastic World”

Listen to a bit of Perfume’s song for NHK’s Minna no Uta, “Sayonara Plastic World” | Random J Pop

This is what my slow, lazy ass gets for not posting shit. I wrote this a whole week ago and didn’t post it, because I was too lazy. Now this damn song is out in 3 days. But I don’t care. Y’all getting this post regardless. Because who comes to this bitch for timely posts? Nobody. This ain’t a news blog chile.


There was an announcement that Perfume would have a new song on an NHK show, but that’s all that there was. Information was pretty scarce at the time. Nowhere really picked it up, which I guess may have been in part due to Perfume’s team choosing to focus on “Flow” which wasn’t even released when news of this song was announced. So, I get it. But now “Flow” is out in the world, done and dusted, and this new song release is already imminent. Perfume must really wanna get news on that 7th album out as soon as possible.

The song is called “Sayonara Plastic World”, and as seems to be a trend with Nakata’s productions for Perfume as of late, it sees Nakata tapping back into some of his old tricks, habits and sounds, which will please fans who have been digging what they’ve been hearing from Perfume since “Polygon Wave”.

The song is aimed at kids, hence the sound. Although even if it weren’t, it’d still sound like a school playground jaunt, because that’s what Perfume’s music be sounding like these days. Because Nakata.

But I do like generally like the sound of the song. Nakata’s sound has been so messy, and lacking his own character over the years, so it’s nice to hear a Nakata production where he’s leaning back into his signatures, as far as chords and progressions go.

But once again, it feels like Nakata is blurring the lines between Perfume and Kyary’s sounds. I think from a brand perspective, this whole entire song and tie in would have worked better with Kyary. BUT, the theme of song does tie in with what has been consistent with songs from Perfume’s Polygon Wave EP; the idea of technology and the ways in which it affects how you perceive the world, something that Capsule’s “Virtual Freedom” touched on. 

Yep. Despite the world Plastic in the title, the song isn’t about recycling. Perfume done been there, done that and bought that upcycled T-shirt. And just the song including the world ‘plastic’ also ties into what has also been a trend with Perfume’s releases of late - that they all seem to feature references to things Perfume have done before. “Saisei” having a music video which featured all of Perfume’s past videos. “Time Warp” being a song about going back, and their livestream performance of it featuring visual references to their past songs. “Polygon Wave” sounding like “Polyrhythm”. “∞Loop” sounding like “Clockwork”. “Flow” sounding like “575”. “Mawaru Kagami” sounding a bit like “Game” and “Edge”. And now we have Perfume with their second song with the world ‘plastic’ in the title, with their first being “Plastic Smile” back in 2008.

Perfume’s sound with “Polygon Wave”, “Android&” and “Flow” was finally pushing Perfume into actually sounding somewhat cool and grown. But now we have this cutesy shit. But based on the snippet, I can hear how it’d sit on an album alongside the likes of “Time Warp” and “Mawaru Kagami”. So at least what ever this upcoming album ends up being, it won’t be such a dump of disparate singles and songs as Cosmic Explorer was. It’s very easy to hear how everything we’ve head from “Saisei” up to now would sit together on an album and be cohesive if they are all sequenced in the right way.

“Sayonara Plastic World” will release digitally on April 29th. And it seems like the clip above will act as the music video.

Standby for more album news to drop. I think we’ll probably get something pretty soon after “Sayonara Plastic World” releases, along with news of a tour. And whilst I’m not certain if Perfume would bother releasing another physical single, I think we will absolutely get another digital release to signify the impending album arrival, similar to what they pulled with LEVEL3 and “1mm”. This seems to be the way for Japanese album releases these days.

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